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September Update

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
JK Baseer

As always thanks for the support and for sharing about our product to others. We are doing great and we believe you as well 😊. 

  1. Tradly made it to the semi finals in a pitch battle 🏅. The great thing is our very fitch pitch is to one of the best VC in the world, Sequoia Capital 😎.
  2. Features updates
  3. New YouTube channel with multiple demo of our products
  4. New Pricing for developer community with our API focused headless solution
  5. Open sourcing our react web app, Hummingbird

About the Pitch

It doesn’t matter whether we win to the final! Considering as an early stage company(1year old) without big numbers like others, We are among the 6 innovative players who are selected. Our first goal is to get the brand exposure and get good suggestions from smart people, so we can innovate incredible products to our customers. 

We are thankful to Techinasia for organising and Sequoia Surge team for screening us to the semifinal!

Features Updates

On the app level and API level

  • Now sellers can see the transactions from the buyers on mobile app itself

  • Sellers able to see their sales balance and payment status to their bank account.

  • New pickup flow: Seller can select their preferred shipment method

  • Buyer can also select their preferred shipment method based on availability.

  • Seller can add additional shipping price while submitting listings

  • Seller can add maximum quantity that buyer can purchase per listing.

  • payout
  • shipment

Youtube Channel

We were bit delayed in the space of demonstrating our products in a clear way. We believe our initiative of making more videos can give more clarity and deeper view on how our solution works. We are planning to add the channel with more videos on other topics like

  • Platform Economy
  • Building and Growing a Marketplace
  • Do subscribe > Tradly Youtube

New pricing for Developers

From the day one our goal is to build an API first solution for the digital commerce revolution. It’s going to take long time to fulfil that goal. However, We are having a good start

  • Whereby we have our headless API first version released with FREE ACCOUNT account
  • API in postman collection as of now
  • Production environment starts just at $99.

Opensourcing Hummingbird

We are working on open sourcing our hummingbird, ReactJS web app that is connected with our API. Benefits are

  • Developers can launch this on their own server like other ReactJS and own the production
  • This can serve as a good boilerplate instead of building something on their own. Fast to the market.
  • In a month, we are planning to release the V1. If you would like to contribute, let us know.

That’s all what we have. Let us know if there is any feedbacks. Again hope you are doing good 😊