Here is the list of companies that helps you to recycle your electronic waste. The list comprises who companies whose client base is from retail to business. So select the right one based on who you are and how much tons you want to recycle.


The brand recognised by Alibaba and featured in prime minister office magizine is Erth. This ondemand startups helps people to recyle their electronic waste (E-Waste) . In just in 3 steps where you share your location and time to collection, you get it done. Their drivers come to you, verify the trash, pay on spot, collect from you. Done ✅

Recircle Malaysia

One of the company I was inspired to write about it. They have smart apps which encourage people to recycle + ground work that they try to create awareness about it. Their app design below look like our TRADLY - Recycle platform for government.

Around 1000+ people has installed their android app

Android app link:

iOS app link: 

It’s one of the old company providing ewaste recycling as part of its end to end ewaste services. Looks traditional and more focused towards business instead of consumers. They don’t have apps or smart forms to fill the needs. If you are bigger business who is looking for some sort of business collaboration, they seem to be okay 

Based on reading from the website and research, we can find they are more towards to business to business customers. So if you are a company who is looking for E-waste, they have lot of experiences 

INFO: + 606 336 5211. (Melaka, Malaysia)

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