What you can do

The most direct and effective way to help is to Donate to reputable nonprofit organizations. We’ve taken the list compiled by Jotform and shared here. These are mostly international organizations below that are helping out in various ways, and would appreciate your support if you’re able to Donate to any of them.


An agency of the United Nations, focused on providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. Currently, UNICEF is working to ensure that the children caught in the disaster are safe and have everything they need.

Donate to Unicef



Charity organization and one of the most active volunteer networks working to provide disaster relief in the affected regions. Donate to Ahbap



Voluntary organization dedicated to disaster search-and-rescue relief.

Donate to AKUT



Turkey’s official Disaster and Emergency Management Authority. AFAD provides disaster management services both in Turkey and abroad through 81 provincial branches and 11 search- and-rescue units.

Donate to AFAD



A collective of 21 independent charity organizations focused on ending injustice and poverty. Typically, OXFAM provides water, sanitation, shelter, food, and more to those affected by disasters.

Donate to Oxfam


Turkish Red Crescent

The Turkish Red Crescent is viewed as a model in humanitarian aid service in Turkey and across the world. Following the earthquake, it has been delivering aid materials to Kahramanmaras and all of the other regions affected.

Donate to Türk Kızılay