Build, brand and launch your own app store platform - Apps and add ons for your product, submitted by developers, discovered by users and managed by you. Sounds like them. But we are almost the same, providing the same solution for you. Not a big as them to be acquired by Stripe, But lean and values driven to help you.

Build an ecosystem around your business to have a sustainable growth

In the last 10 years, every SaaS which went on IPO has an ecosystem around them


  • Zoom Apps
  • Slack Apps
  • Hubspot Marketplace

Not just IPO, but also $100+ Million startups as well

Also smartest startups does it


  • App Directory / Marketplace
  • Partner Directory / Marketplace
  • Integrations Directory / Marketplace
  • Expert Directory

What does the participants in your marketplace expect?

  1. Self Serve Platform
  2. Able to create profile, customise & Add information wherever possible

What does your internal might expect?

  • Product & Partners team wants to customise the account creation & listing submission with a no-code manager
  • Workflow to Approve and review system to maintain the quality of the platform
  • Promotion system to promote different listings in the platform
  • A content curation tool to create variety of promotional pages and sections to merchandise the listings in the platform
  • SEO Optimised Pages


  • A marketplace payment and payout system integrated to send payouts for partners, etc (Example: Atlassian Marketplace and shopify Marketplace)
  • Able to send the user to configuration section inside your tools, or connect your API to send configuration data.

Here is how to Start

  • Register for a Free Account
  • Select the Template & Customise branding informations
  • Configure your catalogue & Other platform informations
  • Add your custom domain (,, )

For your end users

  • User able to use multiple filters and search to find listings

Need Advanced Features?

  • Developer Toolkits
  • Features for Bigger Business
  • Account Manager & SLA to support your critical needs