In today’s digital age, customers expect convenient and smartest ways to access information, including restaurant menus. Traditional paper menus are becoming outdated, and many restaurants are now turning to QR code menus to provide a modern, contactless experience for their customers. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of QR code menus and how they can improve your restaurant’s efficiency and customer experience.

Contactless and Safe Dining Experience

One of the primary benefits of QR code menus is that they provide a contactless and safe dining experience. Customers can easily access the menu by scanning the QR code with their smartphone camera, eliminating the need for physical menus that could potentially spread germs. In today’s COVID-19 pandemic, contactless options like QR code menus are becoming increasingly important for restaurants to consider.


QR code menus are also cost-effective for restaurants. Unlike traditional paper menus, digital menus don’t require printing, which can save restaurants money on printing costs. Additionally, updating digital menus is much easier and faster than updating paper menus, which can also save restaurants time and money.

  • You can switch on / off certain items based on product availability
  • You can proactively alert users about out of stock items without them getting frustrated

Easy to Use

QR code menus are simple and easy to use. Customers can quickly scan the QR code with their smartphone camera and access the menu without needing to download an app or additional software. This makes the ordering process faster and more convenient for customers, which can improve their overall dining experience.


QR code menus can also be customized to fit your restaurant’s branding and menu items. With the right QR code generator, you can easily create a digital menu that showcases your restaurant’s unique style and menu items.

  • You can change the look and feel based on season. Example: When it’s christmas, new year or ramadan, you can simply change the aesthetic of it to suit the moods.

QR code menus provide a modern and innovative way for restaurants to showcase their menu items. By providing a contactless, cost-effective, and easy-to-use dining experience for customers, restaurants can improve their efficiency and customer experience. If you’re looking for a way to modernize your restaurant’s menu, consider using a QR code menu generator like Tradly’s to create a digital menu that meets your restaurant’s unique needs.

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