Our Pricing Plan

1. Headless API

for commerce, marketplace & platform apps

Headless API solution provides you all the features you need to build platform and commerce apps.

– All core platform features ready to be used

– Unlimited blocks (listings, accounts, Pages, etc)

-SuperAdmin Dashboard to configure, manage and monitor your business

Non-transactional business like classified, civic platforms, recycle are charged in custom package. contact us for more info. 

Prototype (Sandbox)

Test your ideas


Pay as you go

Starting From $99 for Marketplace, $19 for single storefront

1% transaction fee


Enterprise level custom configuration


* Minimum commitment

Usage-based pricing, with volume and committed-use avail discounts. 

Special Credits to impact making projects

Least Developed Countries

If you are launching the business in any Least Developed Countries (LDCs) according to UN, our Headless API product will NOT incur any charges for first year with a limit of $2000 credits. You will get other discounts for the apps 

Condition: You should be a new client after 2nd June, 2021

Open source projects

Open source projects may get discounted packages. Contact us for more info. 


You will get a 90% discount on production account for first 1 year. 

2. Pre-built Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps built on Tradly API

Don’t have development team to build apps on top of our Headless API? Use our pure no-code solution with simple toggle based functionality management.

– Native iOS, Android, Smart Watch App, Kiosk Apps

– Customise the apps according to your brand

– Activate or deactivate features with simple toggle.


Bring your dream into reality

Free Visualiser



A plan to launch real business




Use our kit & Customise everything

Starting from $4500


3. Professional Services

Still need more assistance from sign up to setup to launching your business? We got you covered. 

– Platform consultants to consult your business growth

– Account Managers to manage the launch of your business

– Solution experts to analyse your needs and provide the right solutions

Stress Free setup

- Subscribe to different tools - Setup the basic things there - Setup play store, Appstore $ 500 / onetime

New Payment Gateways integration

$300-$500 / one time

Team Support via Slack

Bring your team + Our team for deeper collabration $250 / month

Multi - languages in the app

$200 one time setup.

API Product: FAQ

  • You pay based on your marketplace monthly transaction or subscription billing performance. 
  • All future product updates and release will come at FREE of cost except the add-ons that are advanced for bigger business and specific to few business nature.
  • The above cost doesn’t include the cost you pay to stripe or 3rd party marketing and analytical tools. 

Applicable for pay as you go package:

You will be charged every month based on the package you selected + additional add-ons/extensions you have bought through Stripe payment processor which automatically deducts every month. Extra requirements quote and service fee will be handled individually.

You can cancel the plan anytime and you will incur the monthly cost for it. All the API will be stopped serving to your apps with warning until you make another payment.

Most of our core services run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS cloud infrastructure is designed to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments in the world.

As well as the security features built into the AWS service, we have:

  • 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfer on our platform.
  • Daily backups of all your data, in case anything goes wrong.
  • Security protocols where we work.