Start for free. Pay as you grow.

Most features come with every plan. There is base cost (starts with zero) + Pay As You Go cost( % transaction fee). The base cost varies on the level of support (Developer, Business).

Start without any base fee. Tradly Branding, Hosted website. 15+ No-code Integrations
  • 1% transaction fee
  • Community support
  • Channels: Website only
For team that are building their own front end application and need developer support
  • 0.5% transaction fee
  • Developer Slack
  • Channels: Website + Apps managed by you
For business that need support from API to App Deployments on multiple channels
  • 0.5% transaction fee
  • Private Tickets
  • Channels: Web and App Build & Managed by Tradly
Custom Model
Anything that doesn't fall under any plans. and need a bespoke solutions.
  • 0.3% transaction fee
  • Project Manager / SLA
  • Custom Apps

Non-transactional business will be charged on custom model. Example: SaaS Portals, App Directory, etc. (Speak to Sales).

How Does Tradly Pricing Work

  • Base Cost shown Above. This includes the Tradly Headless API which stores your data and run your business operations
  • + Channel Cost.
  • Websites (Free Templates by Tradly + Paid Templates by our Partner). B. Mobile Apps (Open Source Mobile App Templates by Tradly or Managed App Templates by Tradly)
  • Optional Add Ons



Order Management

Revenue Models

Payment Methods


Hosting & Deployment

Integrations (Mobile Apps/System)

Breakdown of featuresCommunityGrowthBusinessCustom Model
Unlimited visitors
The number of users browsing your platform
Users signing up in your platform
Also called as Products, Services, Campaigns, etc.
Stocks limits & Rules
Stocks, pricing, images, variant types
Social & Engagements
Follow, Like, Hashtags browsing
Quality Systems
Approval, Ratings, Reviews, Report, Block, etc
Multi Languages & Currencies
Features on SuperAdmin
Custom Fields
9 types of custom fields for accounts, listings
Collection of listings & accounts
Geo based
Geo data under accounts & listings for distance filters, map browsing
Storage Limit
All time total file size of images, videos, etc
Fair Usage*Fair Usage*Fair Usage*Unlimited
Shipping Logics
Fee calculation, Insert Tracking Number, ComingSoon(Country & Pincode level fee)
Custom Logics
Add or remove delivery, Pickup & Storage Hub (Warehouse, Pickup points), Find Store
Cart based Ordering
For e-commerce product shopping
Direct Booking/order
For Event Booking, SaaS Appstore, etc
Negotiation / Offer price
Plus Expiry time for negotiated price
Order status workflow
Order Status flow persistent messages
Transaction Split
Platform Commission, Shipping, Payout, PG Fee
Other Order Logics
Min quantity rule, min and max amount per order, saved address.
Gated Subscription on Platform(*1)
Special Fees (Price Markup)
Commission deduction
Subscription on Listings (*1)
40+ Countries. Payments, Connect for marketplace (Standard & Express)
KW, SA, BH, UAE, QA, EG, Oman, JO
31 European Economic Area (EEA)
PayDunya (*3)
Snegal, Ivory Coast and the Republic of Benin
PayU (*3)
Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Panama
Google in-app Pay
All countries Google playstore supports
Apple in-app Pay
All countries Apple Appstore supports
Cash Based
Cash on delivery/pickup, etc
Additional Payments
With implementation charges - on-demand implementation
API Rate Limit
Number of request per minute
Fair UsageFair UsageFair UsageUnlimited
Open Source Apps Support
CRA, Nextjs, React Native, Flutter.
Community forumSlackTicketsTickets
API Reference & SDK Support
Community forumSlackTicketsTickets
Web App Deployment
Hosting the web apps under Tradly Hosting
Custom Domain
Web App
Preview URL + Add your own domainSameSameSame
Website Templates
Deployed using butterflies
Open SourceOpen SourceOpen SourceManaged Repo
Managed Support (Android, iOS)
For features & Deployment
NA NA Included Included
Email From Address
System emails (OTP emails, order emails, etc)
Tradly emailYour DomainYour DomainYour Domain
Used for deeplinks and marketing links creation.
Chat + Push Notifications
Chat functionality + Firebase integrations
SMS Integrations
Twilio, Karix
Mobile App Analytics
Facebook App, Firebase App
OpenStreet Maps
Geo based features needs a map.
Google Maps
If you prefer GMaps instead of OpenStreet

*1 – Example of Platform Subscription – A platform like Depop requires it’s seller to pay monthly subscription if they want to sell more than 5 item-

*2 – Example of Product subscription – A customer subscribing to a monthly subscription of meal box

*3 – When a payment gateway provides only payments, then the all the transacted money will go directly to your bank account. You need to manage payouts manually to your sellers/service providers in marketplace

FAQ about Product

  • You might not need any coding knowledge if you are using SuperAdmin to manage the business and using our open-source apps. The apps comes with multiple configurations that can be managed from SuperAdmin. Ofcourse everybody may not like the templates, so they need to hire developers to build storefront apps.

  • Website development - Depends on the UI requirements (Range from 8K to 40K USD) if you use our partners to develop or you can use your developers with your design and consume our API. Our Pay as you Go pricing for API is just 1% (decrease based on volume) Our partners will take 30-50 working days to complete the development. Pros: You will own the website or app code. The design comes as per your standard.

  • Yes you can join in our referral program and start promoting the product. We have custom referral programs based on the media / influence you have with your community. Contact us to know more.

  • You will get the white-label version of your app with all the existing functionality tested and working. This is the 10days commitment we make provided that you finish 3rd party tools signup(2hours) and appstore / playstore licences ready.
    All your new features will be provided in the next build. If you really want to have your new features be available in the first build itself, then we might take time within a month or two and provide the build. New feature enhancements will take analysis, communication, testing in different environment and launch.

  • Applies If the app purchased with Tradly.

    1. Quarterly: Every quarter, we release a new set of features. At that time, we will send the quarterly newsletter sharing the new product features, etc. If you are interested, you can submit a build request on the support portal.

    2. On-demand: Whenever find critical bugs, performance issues. We will provide build update in 24hours, 48hours or within a week based on the issues type. Rare scenarios on public holidays

    Critical bugs

      - Payments issue
      - User signup or sign in
      - Chat is not initiating
      - Cannot add to cart or checkout

  • Our API product charges will NOT include 3rd party charges

      - Google Maps API
      - SMS through AWS SNS, Twilio, Karix
      - Firebase Cloud Push notifications + related services (they provide tons of free things for a certain user base, so you will only pay after you crossed that limit)
      - Branch (Free for first 10K MAU)
      - Apple iTunes licence
      - Google Play licence

  • We appreciate people's time and faith in us. We make money by devoting our time to completing client deliverables. When we sell a physical product, it is simple to return it and receive a refund. We can't go back in time, and we can't ask the vendors or anyone else to refund the money we paid for them. Unfortunately, due to the amount of effort and time invested, we will be unable to provide a refund. To avoid unexpected outcomes, we provide all the apps and solutions in a demo mode available. Hence highly recommended to view them first.

      - Google Maps API
      - SMS through AWS SNS, Twilio, Karix
      - Firebase Cloud Push notifications + related services (they provide tons of free things for a certain user base, so you will only pay after you crossed that limit)
      - Branch (Free for first 10K MAU)
      - Apple iTunes licence
      - Google Play licence

Tradly makes it simple and easy  to launch projects.

- Tradly pricing starts with ZERO. You pay only when you grow.
- Launch Marketplaces, Online Storefronts, Booking Apps, Classifieds, Directories, Partner Portals, App Stores, etc. 
- Free No-code Integrations, No-Code Editor