If you are planning to setup a loyalty programs for your commerce or marketplace platform, we have gathered most implemented in different platforms. On top of this, we will also share which softwares / Headless API provide opportunity to setup with a simple pre-built solution, so you don’t need to build again the same.

  • Coins / Platform currency - allow platform owner to set the currency name and icon , this currency will be used for platform transactions - gems ,coins
  • Platform currency will be received by user on each order they placed
FeaturePlatform owner user storyEnd user user story
Refund amount of orders can be get either as money in bank account or as platform currencyPO will set if this feature will be available or notIn case of a refund he will get two option – one to get credit in bank accountOther in the form of platform currency
Minimum order limit to use currencyPlatform owner will select the amount per order for the sameEnd user will be  see how much more order amount he needs to use the currency in his order
Percentage of currency to be receivedPO will set what percentage of order value can be get as platform currencyEnd User will get a percentage of order value as coins
Expiry datePO will select the time until which once issued  coins can be usedEnd user will see the expiry time of each coin transactions in a history list of coins
There can be two types of coins – One expired, One always available End user will get ‘always active currency’ on special sales or big transactions
Maximum currency that can be get on a single orderPO will set the limit of maximum coins claimed at a time.he can enter fix amount or percentage of order amount.Value-of-co in-used/order-amount ratio.End user won’t be able to get large coins at a time and so will stay in the loop of wanting to get more coinsI.e. gamification
Earn coin by referrals- PO will set the coins that both the user – who referred and who onboard using referral. Will get
He can set the rule – that only after new user makes  first order –  the person who referred will earn
End user can refer and earn platform currency
Coins for first time signupPO will set coin as a reward for those who signup , this reward will be apart from referral rewardEnd user gain coins on first time signup and this may help in user retainment
Coins for writing a review,likesPO will set the amount and can set constraint like length of review , with certain likes or image attachedEnd user will be encouraged to write a review and this will help other buyers
Update membership tier after gaining certain coinsPO will set the coins needed to update to a certain tierEnd user will be entitled with membership benefits after gaining certain amount of coins

Surprise currency credit to less active/ users-leaving streak - some surprise amount will be credited to the segment of users which the platform owner will decide, this will help in user retainment

Loyalty Tier

  • Introduce tier system - multiple membership level based on the coin/platform-currency user is having.
  • Platform owner will set the tier names and the coins/money required for each.
  • Platform owner will select the expiry time of each membership tier
BenefitPlatform owner user storyEnd user story
Free deliveryPO will select the tier applicable for the benefitEnd user with certain membership can get free delivery on all orders
Priority customer support End user with  this benefit will be able to make instant call other customers will have to wait 15-20 min to book a slot
Exclusive dealsPO can restrict or make them earlier accessible to membership customers.PO will set custom schedule for membership customersEnd user with membership will get access to exclusive/early sales.
2X coins,3X End users will get 2X coins (than normal customers) while making an order.this will give already loyal customer more purchasing power
Detail delivery tracking Member customers will be able to see precise delivery locationeg: at gurgaon warehouse .other members can be restricted to just major delivery updates eg: pickup,in transit,nearest hub
Faster delivery option  
Get membership by real cashPO can set real world value of each tier of membershipApart from getting membership by platform currency ,End user can then buy membership using real money.
This will emphasize the value of membership by equating it to a price tag.
Medium priority – Get products on regular monthly subscription at discounted price End users can choose a plan to get products deliver regularly(weekly /monthly) at a discounted price

Lower priority features-

  • Clothing brands can provide a tier where customer can try products , select one and return remaining
  • Can get to know when exactly out of stock product is going to be replenish.
  • They can see the history of products they viewed - many times we see some product and move to some other . then we have to again search for the same products   

Family/Friend circle - certain membership tier where you can add 4           (a limit) family members and entitle them to same discount (a gimmick because family usually orders from one account)

Plus having family friends data will give us access to inter shared data for eg - recommendation to others  for birthday gift of a friend/family-members in the circle