Planning to launch your own pre-loved watch marketplace or commerce store? Let’s see the industry insights, what’s the important features, a low code and no-code example on how it can be executed.

In the tutorial video, we will cover the brands ( Watchfinder, Chrono24, Chronext, WatchBox, Watchmaster) and how they differentiate themselves from other marketplaces. And the feature set they have developed to achieve the growth.

  • The market is expected to reach $29 to $32 billion in sales by 2025, which will be more than half the size of the first-hand market at the time. Brands must work hard to capitalise on this shift, and digital platforms will need to sharpen their business models in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Watch enthusiasts who are often looking for a particular model, year or edition
  • some 30 percent of upper-income teens visited a pre-owned marketplace in late 2020, a rise of 5 percentage points from earlier in the year