We thought of sharing learnings we had after moving from wordpress to writing in plain markdown under the stack of NextJS and Tailwind CSS.

Even though am loving the experience but there are few sacrifices and time spend to troubleshoot on initial time.

Let us share what we have learned.

1. Table in Markdown

Not an easy time to figure out this. Even though we use this free website service to convert https://www.tablesgenerator.com/. It tooks sometime to figure out

So the table generator markdown converter doesn’t work for us. But the HTML table converter worked


Here is a sample code that worked for us. Additional things we added

  1. To make the table looks bit nicer is “table className=“text-lg""
  2. The default HTML code which comes from the HTML generations had ”< br >” code, whenever we had that, the table didn’t show up. so in visual studio, we did a find/replace the br with empty.
Criteria to look in Medium Wordpress Substack
Write from mobile Yes Yes
Cost to write? Free Free Free
Easy to use out of 10 (low means has a learning curve) 7 5 9.5
Free newsletter when you release new post Okay level Yes, Represented very well
Platform does co marketing (Recommending to other readers) Yes Yes Yes
But do they have a big reach? Yes (tech audience) Old Audience like journalist, traditional writers, etc New generations writers from history to strategy on multiple front