How to build & launch a marketplace like Mercari?

Building and launching a marketplace like Mercari shouldn’t be that hard with TradlyPlatform turn key white label solutions. How? Let’s go through this.

If we want to build a similar platform like Mercari, We might need to identify how it works from userflow to revenue model, what are the list of features they have and finally the revenue model

User flow


  • Register Account/setup store profile
  • Publish Listings with information attributes and multiple photos
  • Optionally share listings in multiple social networks
  • Engage with the interested people through in-built chat
  • Negotiate the price and get the deal
  • Receive the orders
  • Process the shipping through mercari shipping partners
  • Receive Payments online once the Order is fullfilled
  • Handle User Reviews


  • Open the account
  • Browse through listings or Search the needs
  • Add few items into Wishlist and optionally browse the reviews.
  • Chat with respective sellers through in-built chat
  • Negotiate the price
  • Make orders via online
  • Receive the orders via Mercari Shipping Partners
  • Once buyers are happy with the orders, They can provide reviews or skip.

According to the user flow, we need all the features to accommodate. Let’s see what TradlyPlatform turn key white label solutions provide to launch an app like that in 2weeks with screenshots from Mercari and “feature how to: from Tradly

What are the list of features available in Mercari? 

Here we will cover all the features that are available in Mercari that you can use TradlyPlatform to build similar.

Social Login and Registrations

A user who wants to register inside your apps to start using your services.

Depends on the business nature, you may want to have a different registration system for your users to register. We have the below list of registrations available in the app

  • Facebook Registration: An user can use their Facebook login to sign-in/ sign-up
  • Google Registration: An user can use their Google login to sign-in/ sign-up
  • Native email registration: An user can just any email which is not connected to 3rd party logins to sign-in/ sign-up
  • Phone number-based registration: An user can sign-in/ sign-up using their phone number with OTP verification in their first registration. In the subsequent sign-in, the verified phone number and password can be used to sign-in.

Store Profiles

How one of StoreProfile creation looks from TradlyPlatform powered app

As a platform owner, you can design different account(stores-merchants) creation forms based on the type of accounts you have.

  • When you are building a hybrid marketplace, you want to have different stakeholders to open accounts. And the accounts perhaps need different information than the primary information.
  • By default, we only collect the name and description of the account registration
  • You can configure additional attributes based on your business nature
  • You can create multiple categories of accounts
  • You can create additional attributes specific to an account category rather than overall

Promotional Banners (Slideshows)

What you see on Mercari

A platform owner is able to use the media section to show any sort of communication on this prime placement. and link these banners to be STATIC or to the product or a page, etc.

You can use this to

  • Important promotions
  • How-to Guides
  • Explanation of some features
  • Specific product promotion that leads to that product page
  • Advertisement placement
  • Towards a particular tag (A tag has a collection of listings)
  • And many other usages based on your ideas.

Listings with multiple-attributes informations

In-built chat for buyers and sellers

A user able to chat with prospective seller/account/tutor profile, etc to discuss the listings

The chat feature is more or less like the WhatsApp features which allow the users to do

  • Personal and private communications
  • Share locations
  • Attach additional private photos and documents about the listings

Collection Widgets

A user when he visits the home page of the app should be able to find a fresh collection of ideas.

Currently available

  • A recent list of accounts/stores/profiles
  • A recent list of Listings/Ideas/Postings/Ads

Coming soon on the self-serve platform (Available immediately based on manual request)

  • Custom collections based on tags
  • Using Attributes filter
  • Category (multiple)
  • Listing title
  • Price (less than, greater than, etc)
  • Offer percent (less than, greater than)
  • Location (kilometer/miles radius)

Listing Reviews

Reviews available in Mercari

User able to rate and review the listings he recently got serviced, purchased, made bookings, etc to share his experiences

  • Reviews & Ratings can be activated on account level (stores, campaign creators, profiles, etc)
  • Can be activated on listing level (products, courses, rides, campaigns, etc)

Currently available fields:

  • Rating (5 Stars)
  • Type of ratings
  • Photos
  • Descriptions
  • Short title

Coming soon

  • Configure the above fields to be optional or mandatory
  • Activate/Deactivate the above attributes from the super admin panel
  • Add new attributes from the super admin panel

Advanced 4 Level category

Mercari has 3 level of category on the top menu

As a platform owner when you want to build a high-level marketplace to have deeper categorization.


  • Men
    • Clothing
    • Tops,
    • Coats
    • Beachwear,
    • BridalWear
    • Jeans
      • Skinny Leg

Men is a first-level category Clothing is a second-level category Tops, Coats, Beachwear, Bridal wear, and Jeans are 3rd level category Skinny leg is a 4th level category

  • Based on your business nature, you can use this in different ways. You can use a category to allow users to discover somethings or find a different sets of needs based on how you plan it.
  • You can add attributes based on parent and child categories

What’s Next?

Not just this, there are other dozens of features which TradlyPlatform app has. But building a similar platform like Mercari now should be very easy and the apps can be launched in 2Weeks. Contact us for more info and demo

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