Gamification smartly used can improve the retention rate of your users and also bring new organic users as well. Let’s see the examples of gamification used in the industry and take inspiration. Also if you are not able to develop a gamification in house, we are adding few SaaS and API first companies who are providing gamification softwares.

GamePlatform owner user storyEnd user userstory
Quiz Leaderboard can be introduced
Platform owner will select the QnATime limit for the quizTime limit for each questionPlatform owner will set if the correct answers or the accuracy will be visible to users after completion of testEnd user will earn platform coins or other rewards on winning a quiz.Questions can be based on products,sales on platform in previous days . this will let users check the platform daily hence increases retention
 PO will set the Puzzle Name , Image.Maximum guesses user can make.Time limit , frequency of game i.e. once in a day , once in week etc.Coins to pay for unlocking game over the frequency.Rewards that user will get by guessing rightEnd User will be able to get rewards . this will increase user retention and also make them aware about products on the platform
Verification Badge- after a certain number of likes on product reviews, rating or buying streak of product. The user will get a blue tick or ratingOr can give titles to users – ‘the techie’, ‘the fashionista’PO will set the conditions of the social interaction that will enable end user to get badgesEnd User will get badges which may serve as a social status/proof of being a good product reviewerEg – user can show it to his friend as a proof of him being knowledgeable about certain product
Trending wishlist in each category (social wishlist) End user with certain likes/activity on the wishlist will get it featured in a trending section
Profile blogs – get likes and followers End user can select any product on the platform and can write blogs or comparison about it.Other users can go to user profile page (or on product page most liked blogs will be available) and can see/likes/follow the blog
Instead of directly showing offers show “ How Mr. xyz got this product at xx rs”User to be named can be selected his rating,offers availed etcPO can set conditions for the end user to be namedThis will make motivated/aware of all the offers available
Best uploaded user review image will be shown on product page (main photos ) with caption of user namePO can select this as weekly or monthly processThis will motivate end users to add more review images
Best bundle products -On product recommendation show best bought bundle offers In review users can add products bought together and according to Likes/internal-checks. These bundle offers will be recommended to other users For eg – best buy bundle by Mr xyz – get oneplus nord with one plus bullet earphones
Ask a question option on user profile page – get special badges ,coins End user can go to other profile and tag a product he reviewed and request an answer from him
Get your review/comment pinned by the seller End user comment will get heart icon from seller of the product and will get pinned at top (similar to youtube)
Get coins/award if user buys any item  from  your wishlist  End user can go to others wishlist and if they buy, owner of wishlist will get coins as compensation(like affiliate marketing)
For each category of products , on a streak or on buying multiple products , end user will get category badges – there reviews will be highlighted with badges at top
A Leader board of users based on their product interactions i.e. products bought in a category ,likes/follow on reviews etc 
Surprise deals – for limited time Show surprise deal section at random time of day with limited time and stockEnd user will also see the progress bar of deals claimed
Discounted deal – limited deal time in carti.e. to claim discount ,order from cart in certain time interval eg – amazon limits 15 min onprime deals  
Scratch to see upcoming products –
After a certain number of points after buying products of a store or as a loyalty benefit.User can see upcoming deals by scratching cards at Seller profile page
The upcoming deals will be among those that have been scheduled and will be published on a later dateEnd user after receiving certain points/badges/loyalty will goTo store  profile page and there will be a section of ‘see upcoming products’ in the form of Scratch card.User will get certain chances to scratch card depending on the points they have , on each scratch upcoming store deals will be shown
Allow Stores to follow user- highlight ‘Store’ followers in the followers list Stores can follow user for their wishlist or blogs . this will also motivate user to write more revies/blogs

        Flip Flop game
PO will set  images  for each card pair ( here images of products).Set time limitDifficulty (flip time)Set rewardEnd User will get reward.User need to retain the product name  and image on the cards.The cards can have new launched products in the cards to increase its reach among users.
  • delivery game ,warehouse maker .This will give an idea to the user about the effort it takes for good marketplace business

Create a gamified experience in just 5 minutesMotivate and reward your audience with the world’s simplest enterprise-grade gamification platform.

Gamification brings new ways of working with productivity, engagement, communication, and learning, and it has proved to be a powerful motivator allowing organizations and governments to promote desirable behaviours in their employees and citizens.

  • Challenges
  • Rankings
  • Badges
  • User Levels
  • Events
  • Categories
  • Quizz

Create user engagement and consumer loyalty with cloud-based game mechanics for your digital services.

How it work

We start by getting a handle on your business objectives which enables us to design the most appropriate gamification system to meet your needs

Then its time for your developer(s) to add GameLayer API calls to your app or digital service … A common REST API that integrates with your existing back-end

Finally, sit back and watch as motivated users engage with your content in new ways driving loyalty and retention uplift for your business

The Gamification-Engine (gengine) is an open source software (MIT) for integrating any kinds of gamification features into your product.

The engine is not meant to be a platform including any kinds of predefined graphics, layouts or statistics. It is framework for developing your own solution, implemented as a service to which your application server can talk over a REST api.


  • multi level achievements
  • multi goal achievements
  • progress and single goals
  • leader boards / ladder
  • achievements can be reached directly or by evaluating leaderboards daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • time zone independent (correct daily, weekly.. evaluations among time zones)
  • social-awareness (e.g. reach the highest score among your friends)
  • geo-awareness (e.g. reach the highest score among all users in your city)
  • rules can be defined in python using given variables (e.g. the current level)
  • custom definable achievement properties and rewards
  • custom definable languages and translations
  • dependencies between achievements (prerequisites & postconditions)
  • goals can execute triggers (currently creation of messages and mobile pushes for iOS/Android)
  • high performance / scalable
  • administration ui