What is Delivery management?

Delivery management is the activity of using efficient logistics and digitally powered tools to ensure that the goods reach the end customer effectively and efficiently


Shipday is an easy-to-use software platform designed for restaurants, ghost kitchens, ultra-fast grocery deliveries, and other small businesses to manage local deliveries

Feature Comparison

orders per month services YESYES
additional orders service X NO
adding fleetYESNO
roaster creation YESNO
drivers YESNO
dashboard preview YESNO
genrate reports YESNO
Automated order entryYESYES
Online order forms X YES
real-time location trackingYESYES
Multi-user accessYESNO
route optimization X NO
3rd party delivery services X YES
Proof of deliveryNA YES
recept to customers via mail or text NA YES
Real-time delivery tracking for customers X YES
notifications to customers with live ETAYESNO
Delivery tracking for customers on map X NO
Email support X YES