What is Delivery management?

Delivery management is the activity of using efficient logistics and digitally powered tools to ensure that the goods reach the end customer effectively and efficiently


Onfleet is a delivery software company headquartered in San Francisco. It aims to solve the logistics problems in last-mile delivery.


GetSwift is a smart delivery platform that allows you to ma X ge drivers, dispatch tasks, and track goods delivery all in real-time.

Feature Comparison

Feature (In User Story)TradlyGetswiftOnfleet
Activity TrackingYES X YES
Customer DatabaseYESYESYES
Automated SchedulingYESYESYES
initial pricing nilYES X X
DashboardYES X X
Delivery TrackingYESYESYES
Driver ManagementYESYESYES
Employee ManagementYESYESYES
Roasters YES X X
Dispatch ManagementYESYESYES
Electronic Signature X YESYES
Report generation YES X X
Mobile AlertsYESYESYES
Order ManagementYESYESYES
Order TrackingYES X YES
Proof of Delivery X YESYES
Real-time Updates X X YES
Multi user access YES X X
Route ManagementYESYESYES
Route Optimization X YESYES
Task Scheduling X X YES
Third-Party Integrations X X YES