Searching for a free alternative or similar delivery management software systems like Ngage for your business?

Here is the compilation of the handpicked from our finding without overwhelming you with 200+ other software products.

Do you know Tradly Fleet provides a Freemium alternative in the delivery management software? Check our pricing and sign up a free account to test the solution. LINK

With Tradly Fleets, You don’t just get the fundamental fleet and delivery features but

  • Admin Panel for all your team members
  • No restriction on number of location or drivers
  • No restriction on number of team members accessing the admin
  • Android and iOS app for Delivery Team
  • Commerce & marketplace infrastructure if you are starting a new business (Optional)
  • Developer focused features for business expansion (Headless API, Webhooks, Open-source kits)

3 Reasons Why Tradly Fleet

  1. Sign Up and Getting Started doesn’t take more than a few minutes. No sales call or negotiation, it’s transparent, and it’s just there.
  2. Easily start running the operation with SuperDelivery app already available in App Store and Playstore. No need to wait for app deployments or a demo session to test the delivery app.
  3. Your customers, Your Developers, Driver team will have a delightful experience. We follow simple and fast as principle on everything we do. Hence, all your stakeholders will save time using any part of the solution.

Comparing Ngage vs Tradly

We occasionally update the comparison. If you find a mistake, reach out to us via contact form.

Other Alternative to Ngage

Tradly Fleet







FAQ about Tradly Fleet

1. Do you offer white-label apps for the Drivers? Yes, it is possible. This involves a setup fee based on the level of customisation and maintenance fee for monthly app deployments.

2. Do you sell the source code of the delivery app where we can customise as per our need? Yes, Tradly sell source code of the front end apps. The price varies based on type of licence (Single brand or multi brand).

3. Do you offer multi-language options? All our existing apps used to String translation. We have not implemented that in the delivery app. It might be available soon based on demand. For now, everything is English.

4. Can we develop our own delivery app using your API? Yes, you can deliver your own mobile application. Tradly provides API-reference and open API access to platform owners.

5. What does the freemium version provides? The freemium version provides everything we almost sell in all other packages. You pay based on the usage of the platform.

6. How do you calculate the cost of your pricing? Tradly use two variables. One is our COGS where we need to pay for MAP services, Server/hosting and all other infrastructure cost. Two is our human resource support. If clients need more of a human resource support, that means we need to hire/have more people to support our client, So we charge you for that. If you rely on community support, that’s where you pay ONLY for the usage of the platform. Optionally, we charge in custom and package-based variation based on size of the company requirements. Bigger companies expect different set of features comparing a restaurant chain / boutique stores.

7. Do I require credit card to test? No, you don’t need a credit card to start. However, we do ask your credit card after 30 days. So, we can charge for the orders after 100+ free limit.

8. Do I need to buy & use your other products (like commerce, marketplace) to use the Fleet product? No, you don’t need. You can connect with other systems like Shopify, Woo-commerce, or your POS systems.

9. How do I connect to my existing Shopify? We are in the midst of completing our integrations with Shopify. Once finished, without any code integrations, you can connect using Tradly Fleet App on Shopify. Every new order coming from Shopify will send to Tradly Fleet. And hence your drivers would receive the orders to be shipped, delivered, etc.

10. How long does it take to Set up the system? Our SuperAdmin panel is handy that directs you how to set up to start the operation. It’s simple to add your store, fleet, and drivers. That’s it. The only challenge would be connecting with your order system.