Why you need a Delivery Management Software for your on-demand and last mile delivery.To understand why we need delivery management software, we need to understand what is delivery management and how it impacts the business.

  • Delivery management is essential because it has a direct effect on customer experience and company profitability

What is Delivery management?

Delivery management is the activity of using efficient logistics and digitally powered tools to ensure that the goods reach the end customer effectively and efficiently

How to improve Delivery management?

As we discuss, the prime focus is to deliver the products effectively and efficiently to the end-user, which can be achieved by reduction of human error and improving the services to the customer. By streamlining the backend services and adding software, we can improve order fulfilment and ensure customer satisfaction. By using Monthly Subscription-based SaaS, Save time and money, such software can also help achieve paperless delivery transactions

Why Delivery management is important

The rapid growth of e-commerce has disrupted the industry shopping experience. The goal here is not just delivery, but the best combination of when-what-where fulfilment and a great user experience. Thus improving customer retention and boost profitability is to automate core delivery processes.

Advantages of efficient Delivery management

The rise of e-commerce has made other businesses innovate too as we discuss deliveries, the concept has changed completely traditionally. There were big giants who used to own everything from DHL to Last Mile Delivery companies. Now new startups have changed the ground and work accordingly. As a result, the following are a few of the advantages of adopting practices that ensure effective delivery management.

Delivery profitability

It has optimised the current business models by using the route optimisation fleet management which helps them with on-time delivery and good profitability at the same time

Customer Service

The software keeps the customer in the loop by sending them every update notification about their delivery. Customers are also able to track the delivery they are about to receive through mobile apps, sms and other channels.

Delivery productivity

The delivery services need to be away from unnecessary delays and route optimization and route planning helps to achieve on-time delivery productivity and can eliminate the manual errors of the delivery team itself.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel efficiency can be achieved with the help of delivery management. Delivery software like Tradly can help with better routes and keeping aware of the traffic conditions which can help save fuel at the end.

In summary, Delivery management helps in making on-time deliveries. It facilitates efficient route planning and fleet management. It allows small to enterprises end-to-end visibility and better management of orders along with the ability to automate repetitive processes. Delivery management helps in streamlining supply chain operations.