What is circular economy?

At home:

This is taken from my apartment. A household women try to store the empty milk packets in the house after every time she use. In a month, she will have 30 packets and then she will bring back to the Milk Shop she bought and sell it for small cash.

This items goes to the recycling unit , goes through a process to be manufactured again. This a circulation between manufacturing & end user. (Remanufacturing) 

The second Image(BAZAAR):

This second hand bazaars you would have seen in many countries. People go there to trade books, electronics, etc. When I was in college, we used to go there to sell our books after our semester over. What’s important in this process is that the items keep getting passed on to different hands. This is a circulation between all sets of people (reuse)

The Third Image(At Village Community): 

This image is from my village. Most of the non frequently used items are bought by this group + some items donated by someone else. This community center collects not just books but also electronics, carpeting tools, electronics, etc. How it benefits?

  • Whoever cannot afford to buy one , will rent it from here
  • If it’s for the social causes, the items are free of charge 
  • By this the accessibility of items become easy at cheaper price

So all this items get circulated without buying a new one. Even if single item is used by only 5 people , we already save 4 new tools. 


All these things have been already happening in the world before we coined this term circular economy. The circular economy has been happening But what happened in the urban adoption or internet era, people expect different channels on how they should circulate such things. Thus affected their behavior of connecting to circulate something. Millennials and Z-Generation who breath and live in digital and mobile world, they expect this environments. Secondly, grown up in a very sophisticated life, they expect in an easy way and instantly.

“Tradly platform enables this circular economy with digital infrastructure, Thus, allowing people to achieve the same activities through different behavior. We are continuing to build this infrastructure solution (With SaaS based pricing model) ”

Let’s go through the 3 type of solutions we have.

REUSE: Circulate Things between people


Product Marketplace (C2C/P2P)(1): In this app, people can buy/sell, swap and donate preloved/secondhand items. People can post in simpler way, chat and make money with their trash/used items. This is more or less like your typical C2C marketplaces but the advantage is it can be tweaked for many use cases.

  • Village only marketplaces (You can use our solution just inside your village/town/condo/community)
  • Instead of geography, It can be based on niche segment: Baby toys only, Fashion only, Corporate equipments in your industrial area, etc.

Refurbish & Remanufacture


Solution for Fashion/Lifestyle companies(2) This is one of the industry which is producing so much of items which is not recycled easily and items get dumped into trash. So connecting their customers with the app, this business can reduce the bad impact on environment and also get items to used for remanufacturing. How it works?

  • People can post items like electronics and other non food materials instead of throwing in the dustbin, 
  • The brands who own this product can collect or Trash collectors can find items that are listed for trash/recycle. 
  • Also in advanced fashion, people can schedule trash pickups , Trash collectors can go and collect. 


RECYCLE solution for Municipalities(3)

Research says 2 of the main reasons why people don’t recycle is 

  • A) They do not know whether the particular item is recyclable , 
  • B) They do not know where to recycle/submit it.
  • This app which we have designed is trying to solve this gaps. Not just that, 
  • Make people proud through gamification and notable by sharing their contribution through points. 
  • Even we can allow people to redeem their points with shopping vouchers.


We believe that if we want to accelerate the solution, working with others can speed up the adoption. We want to help others by sharing the infrastructure to enable the circular economy using the SaaS pricing model. Thus allowing lots of Creators, companies and communities to launch their own branded solutions.

Resources to build, launch and grow marketplaces