Building your marketplace app with Dev Agency vs SaaS / PaaS Solution

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You have decided that you wanted to go ahead with your idea. Making the initial decision about whether you should outsource to a development agency or using turn key solutions is going to bit hard. We have been in the same situations before and our clients too. So sharing here the honest pros and cons of taking this approach. Whichever the way it is, we wish you the best. Let us know if you need any help.

Development Agency

Everything under your control and based on your requirementsThis also means you need to have project manager and product manager from your side + agency side
You will be owning the code Whatever the issues/bugs you face with the code, you need to rely on with the agency
You can pivot the project often if needed and change Increase your cost/budgets if you keep changing


SaaS & Paas solution like Tradly

You are fast getting your platform out to the marketYou can’t make drastic change if you are rushing to launch in two weeks

You just going to spend fraction of cost to develop similar platform like this and less than a monthly salary of a single software engineer
You de risk the uncertainty of developing a platform on own. Things like selecting the right stack, having scalable infrastructure, Secure and data protection are taken care by experts
You avoid cost over run through uncertain requirement changes (It usually happens in most tech projects). 
You save significant % of your biggest in IT spending  As it’s a cloud solution, you will not have visibility on how it works
You will have new releases and new features without paying extra cost
You will have free marketing tools and other integrations pre-built for you.
You will always support every day without paying additional hourly fee or resource fee like in development agencies  Cloud solution provider might not solve non critical things as per your plan but as per the SLA agreement.

Hope this informations help to clarify some of your questions. We don’t have we have covered every spectrum of the product development. However, we will continue to add further points whenever we find it make sense.

Feel free to have a call with us and understand more on how we can mutually win on launching your product.

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