The luxury fashion marketplace is a unique segment. Highly personal.

After the mainstream fashion, luxury fashion especially secondhand fashion is emerging in the last few years with success stories from Verstiare collective to Farfetch. if you are looking to launch a similar platform business model, you are at a right time to consider that with adaptability always in mind.

In terms of functionality, luxury fashion doesn’t much differ from the general fashion marketplace. They differ, particularly in UI, information(called data attributes), operations, and policies. Technically 80% of the functionality is going to be the same. Let’s see the available TradlyPlatform features to build a luxury fashion marketplace.

Features for a luxury fashion marketplace

Social Feed

Inbuilt Chat for peer-peer and business to peer

Collection based curation

Internal Promotions

Store(Merchant) & Individual User Onboarding

Granular Catalogues

Reviews & Ratings

Read and Test below on what you can do

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