If buying baby clothes wasn’t hard enough on its own, the lockdown made it even more difficult. COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult and mothers will know how difficult it is to find the right clothes for a kid, it should be soft, should keep the kid warm and the list goes on. There are very few marketplaces like Baby Grows or Totspot, that ship quality baby clothes making it easier to get right clothes for your toddler. Marketplaces like Baby Grows and Totspot owe their success to great sellers and quality of apparels they sell. And thats why its important to integrate the right features to help both sides.

If you are willing to start a marketplace like Totspot and Baby Grows and wondering what these features are, then don’t worry we have got you covered. Here’s a list of features that TradlyPlatform offers for the same:

Advanced categorisation

Advanced Category hierarchy

Header banners on app and website

Simple listing process

social registration

like Baby Grows

Here is how it works

Platform owner

  1. Self Signup, an account with Tradly
  2. When you register, you will be automatically assigned a Marketplace template (but you can change them later)
  3. Go to SuperAdmin, the place where you can configure
    • How to onboard your account,
    • How to collect donation listing (like what information you need from, category, etc)
    • Add some promotional banners on the homepage, etc.
  1. Customising the Style of the website

Donors userflow

Here is in a standard user flow of a donor who is using your marketplace.

  • Open a donor account: Enter the details

  • they can select whether they want shipment preferences like pickup collection, drop off.

  • You can even configure collection points where people can drop off / pickup.

  • Post the items as listing which are available as donations (Item picture, description, condition, category, Age, Size, Gender)
  • The item is live in the marketplace.

Receiver userflow

  • Register an account
  • Browse the products posted
  • If any product is needed by them, they can claim it.
  • On the checkout page, based on donor preference, they can choose the available PICKUP or DELIVERY. If the donor has included a shipping fee, then it will be charged.
  • When the receiver orders this, the donor will receive the notification via email.
  • The receiver can go to a pickup place or receive via delivery.

Marketplace Templates

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