Unlike you and me there are people in the world who are not as privileged. There are people in this world who find it difficult to secure enough food to survive let alone buying new clothes and other necessary stuff. While a lot of us cant do anything to substantially change the situation.

There are certain online giving platforms like Salvation Army, Ketto, Milaap, and Savers that are making it easier to help these people. But just like any startup the sheer will to help people isn’t enough for it to be successful. Building a successful online fundraising platforms requires certain functionalities and features.

While some features tend to be optional others are fundamental & necessary for any startup to be successful. If you are looking to develop one, check fundraising platform software, TradlyPlatform.

Below are some of the features online fundraising software need to have for platform owners like you

like Satruck

Thredup Promotional banners

in Fundraising platform

Savers Collection Widgets