Building an education marketplace like Coursera, Udemy, Wyzant? is a tiresome and time-consuming task and will take months just to develop even the most fundamental features.

While one can do that it’s really not very feasible for most. So what’s the solution? you might ask and TradlyPlatform is the solution with TradlyPlatform one can create a platform like Coursera in a matter of days and with the necessary features.

Education Marketplace

Here’s a list of features that TradlyPlatform gives you access to.

  • Wyzant is an online services marketplace in educational technology for matching tutors with students. 

  • Udemy, Inc. is an American massive open online course provider aimed at professional adults and students

  • Coursera is one of the biggest and most expansive education marketplace on the planet. Its easy to navigate through and the large number of courses make it an easy choice for universities and students all over the world.

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like coursera and udemy

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