API-First Commerce

API-First Commerce – Freedom you need!

Everything we have developed is first developed from API in perspective. Thanks to API-first Tradly commerce product, your solution can be purely use cases interdependant, platform agnostic, front end agnostic. The freedom you always wanted is available now!

Use cases interdepedant

Whether you are building a b2c e-commerce website or internal app for your retail chain or marketplace platform, TradlyPlatform is flexible.

  • B2C Ecommerce business (One to Many) (Example: Zappos)
  • B2B Marketplace (Many to Many) (Example: Alibaba Marketplace)
  • C2C Peer to peer community platform (Many to Many) (Example: Depop)
  • Business to Multiple Retail Stores (Example: Uniqlo internal App)*
  • Business to Multiple Sales People (Example: Internal Apps for P&G Field People)
  • Business to Multiple Vending Machines, Interactive Displays
  • Single Store to Multiple Retail POS Points
  • Multiple Store with Multiple3 Retail POS Points