API-First Commerce - Freedom you need!

Everything we have developed is prioritised from API in perspective. Thanks to API-first, your solution can be use cases independent, platform agnostic, front end agnostic. The freedom you always wanted is available now!

Use cases independent

Whether you are building a b2c e-commerce website or internal app for your retail chain or marketplace platform, TradlyPlatform is flexible.

  • B2C Ecommerce business (One to Many) (Example: Zappos)
  • B2B Marketplace (Many to Many) (Example: Alibaba Marketplace)
  • C2C Peer to peer community platform (Many to Many) (Example: Depop)
  • Business to Multiple Retail Stores (Example: Uniqlo internal App)*
  • Business to Multiple Sales People (Example: Internal Apps for P&G Field People)
  • Business to Multiple Vending Machines, Interactive Displays
  • Single Store to Multiple Retail POS Points
  • Multiple Store with Multiple3 Retail POS Points