Looking for shopify alternatives to build your marketplace app platform?

First let’s make it clear 100% that Shopify is never built for Marketplaces. And so trying to get something to work in a way which wasn’t built for is NOT A BEST APPROACH.

So should we still discuss whether it is possible to build marketplace using Shopify? It wouldn’t be the worth the time.

Let’s get on what it to takes to build a marketplace using Tradly?

Here is a comparison of what feature would be there in Commerce and Marketplaces

Features B2C Commerce solution Marketplace Solution
User registration same same
Account Creation (Seller, Tutor Profile, Service Provider) Not possible Allows to register themselves
Stock Management On Store level Each stores can maintain their inventory
Product Upload Store owner update here. Which may be you Each store owner can update their own product list or campaign list (based on your business) under their account
Revenue Model It’s a direct buy. When a buyer buy, the money comes to your account Each stores receives their money to their account. You can deduct your commissions or fees on the transaction. Not always commission, may be you will have a subscription model. The fact is there is a split payment which split a single buyer transaction into sellers, marketplace owner and other thing.s
Payment and Payout B2C platforms only provide Payment solutions Marketplace solution provide payments, payout, commission deduction, delivery operations, etc
Ratings & Reviews Your buyers reviews your products Your buyers review products of multi sellers, review their stores, etc
Onboarding - Provides you a way to onboard many sellers with KYC, Block, Approval system, etc
Order Management Buyers can make orders of your products in a single transaction Buyers can make orders of multiple sellers in a single order
Negotiation Tradly provides a negotiation feature for your buyer to negotiate price before making purchase Tradly also provides a negotiation feature where your sellers and buyers can negotiate themselves

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