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Launching an indie business is super easy and straight forward with Tradly.

This is how your first few days looks:

5 Steps for non-coders

There will be 5 types of works you will be doing to configure the app to work fully functional for an MVP launch to the market.

1. Signing up - Selecting mandatory informations

You will be asked to enter this information when you signup, read the below reference link for each part when you are stuck.

Whatever the type of B2C, mostly these are the fundamental blocks you should need to configure. The rest of the steps are mostly according to your business nature.

2. Business Fundamentals

You must configure the below things for the system to be able to setup your catalogue, service, sessions, etc.

3. Customising your look and feel of the App

When you request a build from us, whatever branding and customization you have configured in mobile config (under SuperAdmin) will be available for you.

SuperAdmin > App > App Customisation

App (Settings > Mobile Config)

Web (Settings > Web Config)


4. Content and Communications

Whether it’s a single language app or multi languages app, our SuperAdmin provides a simple option for you to customise every information going out of the system or present in the apps.

Under each block, you will find translate

For developers