Empowering non profit and social activist with tools to solve your best intentions

Why Tradly?

  • No-code customisation
  • No-code Integrations
  • Idea to Live in days

How it works?

It’s simple to launch


  • Register
  • Choose a template
  • Customise through a simple editor
  • Add Integrations in Seconds
  • Add Custom Domain & Launch

It’s simple to customise

Use toggle and form based inputs to customise your template. Looking for Advanced customisation Head Over to Developer Zone.

Growing list of functionality blocks

  • Multi accounts creation for your campaigns or sub organisations
  • You can activate or deactivate your sub accounts
  • You can approve or disapprove campaigns

Multiple Payment options & Gateways

  • Direct payment to your account
  • Payment options to sub-accounts and Escrow options to hold payout until the receiver confirms (Supported as per the payment gateway)


  • Donation Platforms to raise funds
  • Discussion forums to brainstorm
  • Community generated Idea boards to gather diverse ideas
  • Community generated people directories to strengthen organisations
  • Make your own imagination!