Showcase Of Our App That Runs on Tradly Infrastructure

App built on Tradly Headless Solution

Supporting developing economies around the world. Notable countries we are making impact

  • Snegal, Africa (French)
  • Colombia, LATAM (Spanish)
  • Malta, Europe

+ arabic, chinese version of the app have been delivered.

Velvet 🇲🇹

Women Marketplace to buy and sell second hand fashion items. Subscribed to Tradly full stack solution. Started with iOS only option and moved on to Android as well.

Country: Malta

Revenue Model: Commission %

Uniqueness: Using their storage hub to manage the delivery and pickup operation.

“I am a developer, but I prefer to use Tradly because it allows me to get on the market quickly, without waiting 6 months of development”
– Pierre

Waneko – Senegal 🇸🇳 , Africa

Subscribed to Tradly full stack solution.

Country:  Senegal 🇸🇳

Language: French

Revenue Model:  Subscription Fee

Uniqueness: As Snegal doesn’t have advanced payment system to enable marketplace split payments. We helped them to have subscription based business. Integrated a new payment gateway “PayDunya” And activated a subscription mechanism where their seller will need to have active subscription before selling an items in the marketplace

Ventco – Colombia 🇨🇴 , Latin America

Ventco Marketplace to buy and sell products. Subscribed to Tradly full stack solution.

Country:  Colombia

Language: Spanish

Revenue Model:   Listing Markup fixed fee + Listing commission %

Uniqueness: Tradly doesn’t support payment platforms in Latin America. With client trust and support, we embarked on testing 2 different payment gateways and finally decided to go ahead with PayU. As PayU doesn’t support split payment, we developed a special mechanism ( markup on Listing price + variable cost as well) as a new revenue model.

“Tradly est une platforme proposant énormément de services et cela m’a permis de gagner énormément de temps sur la construction d’un projet de marketplace. De plus Tradly comprend un accès membre sur Slack, qui nous permet de communiquer très facilement,  l’équipe est au top, toujours disponible pour nous aider. Je remercie leur travail sérieux et leur investissement dans les projets ! Je recommande vraiment cette plate-forme que ce soit pour un entrepreneur ou un développeur, se lancer n’a jamais été aussi facile ! Merci Tradly ”