Here you can find higher lvel statistics about the platform performance. Dashboard

  • USER: The number of users registered in the platform

  • STORES/ACCOUNTS: The number of unique stores have been created in the app. (For education marketplace: It can be institutions OR it can be still users OR It can be Tutor profiles)

  • STORE/ACCOUNT FOLLOWERS: This just gives an indication of how many followers are following the stores/accounts. (Example: If 25 people follow 50 stores, then it will give 25*50 = 1250 followers)

  • LISTINGS/: This shows the total number of listings by all users (Example: if 10 users have posted 2 listings each. That means 10*2 listings = 20 Listings)

  • LISTINGS SOLD (or closed/Booked): If an listings is not available by multiple reasons (Example: sold out, booked, no space, etc). SOLD status gives the indication of the success of marketplace.

  • LISTING LIKES: This is same as listings followers but just that this is LIKES of a listing