Vision behind Tradly's Edutech Marketplace

Our vision: An educational infrastructure that helps individuals get an education without regard to location or socioeconomic standing. We want our platform to be accessible to all and to fit multiple preferences and ideas.

The reason behind this platform is to improve student outcomes, enhance individualised education, and reduce teaching burden from instructors. According to the World Bank, the ratio of students to teachers is approximately 25:1, which is an echoing burden in every country.

We are creating an instructor to student learning marketplace platform. Instructors can sell individual tutoring based on their preferences, and students can select tutors based on their preferences. All tutoring lessons can be filtered by category, price, education of instructor, days of the week available, etc.

Tradly Edutech believes in education for all.

About Tradly Edutech Marketplace

Tradly’s Edutech marketplace is the premier provider of platforms that can be used by organisations, schools, and individuals to connect students to education. In the world, the ratio of students to teachers is 25:1. Therefore students are not getting enough attention from instructors and are academically behind in certain areas. Tradly’s Edutech marketplace designed so that students can get immediate access to tutors 24/7 for a wide variety of needs, all from a click of a button.

We streamline the process so that the only thing you have to do is customise your service, thereafter,, the students immediately connected with tutors on a case-by-case basis. Our marketplace optimised so that students and tutors have customisable profiles, which means that one-on-one connections created on a day-to-day basis.

Students have a wide variety of learning styles and learning abilities, and Tradly’s Edutech Marketplace believes in creating a match that is sustainable and satisfactory for both parties.

We aim to eliminate the “one size fits all” stereotype in education, and give power to students to choose how they learn.

One-on-One learning

One-on-one learning is all about forming a learning connection between a student and a teacher. In this model, you will have a mentoring infrastructure in which it is just one-on-one sessions. This form of structure is great for students who have specific problems/problem areas, or simply just need that one-on-one time to digest a concept.

It also lets the teacher adapt their teaching style to a specific student learning style, causing maximum retention and understanding. It is also a low-stress environment where the student does not have to worry about the academic level of their peers, they simply have the freedom to ask whatever they want whenever they want. This is a level of high-quality attention that every student requires in the classroom, whether they need help or not.

Students may also get personalised problems and assignments to take home to show mastery in their progress.

This increase in personal attention is meant to skyrocket learning and scores, making the student into life-long learners!

PS: If you are going to build something on top of Tradly API, this is how an example app might function like.

How to

Creating an Account

Before you even start learning to use the Edutech Marketplace app, you must create an account.

As soon as you download the app, you will be prompted to choose what kind of service you are looking for. You must indicate here whether you are a STUDENT or a TUTOR.

You will then create an account using the following credentials:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

You may be asked to verify your contact information by email or by phone number. After you set this up, you should gain access to your app and be on your way to learning!

Creating your Profile

After you create your account, the first thing you should do is create your profile. You will see the profile icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

As a student, you will be prompted to fill out the following information :

- Profile Picture
- Grade Level
- Subjects needed tutoring in
- Location
- Online or In-person Tutoring
- Price Range
- Days and Times available

By filling this out, it helps us generate tutors who match your preferences and your profile information! These tutors should show up on your home screen.

Once you enter the app, you should be able to view different tutor profiles.

How to Chat/Book a Tutor

Once you enter the app, you should be able to view different tutor profiles.

  • Narrow down the Tutor you would like to book.
  • Click on that tutor’s profile.
  • On the bottom of the Tutors profile, there will be two options, one to chat with the tutor and one to book a lesson.

If you click BOOK, you will automatically be taken to a screen to schedule your lesson and book your tutoring lesson.

If you click CHAT, you will be taken to the chat screen of the navigation bar where you can send messages, pictures, or anything additional information to your Tutor. You can do this before booking your lesson to get to know the tutor better, or you can utilise it after.