A platform owner able to use this media section to show any sort of communication on this prime placement.

You can use this to

  • Important promotions
  • How to guide
  • Explanation of some features
  • Specific product promotion that leads to that product page
  • Advertisement placement
  • Towards a particular tag (A tag has a collection of listings)
  • And many other usages based on your ideas.

Adding Banners

  • Give out a name for you to differentiate different banners.
  • We recommend names with month_campaigntype_optional note as you can export this data in future to analyse performance and other campaign metrics. In future, we are planning to supply this name to marketing analytical tools which can provide you how many people clicked, viewed these banners, etc.
  • Upload an image, which will lead you to crop the images based on the requirement.
  • Select the target destination of the banner.
  • Schedule the banner to run on specific days using the START DATE and END DATE
  • And also activate or deactivate the banners. Even if a banner falls under a scheduled date, you can still use the STATUS function to switch off or switch on the banner.

Banner Placement You can upload different banners for Mobile application and WebApplication with diffent dimensions/settings.


  • App Banner size : 1280*720 (The same size you will be using it to create facebook ads on canva or anywhere)
  • The app will automatically resize the banner according to the mobile screen. The banner might take up 80% of that space, apart from the padding and card UI.

Banner Destination Banners can be configured for different actions.

  • You can use the banners as a static informational or promotion banners
  • OR You can use the banners destined to a particular listing (We suggest you to put CTA buttons for people to differentiate this banner types)