Build Marketplace Native Apps without coding

Ever wondered you can build and launch a marketplace without coding? We will show how TradlyPlatform made things easy to build your marketplace apps without writing a single line of code.

We developed Tradly solution for people with great ideas to make their dream into reality. Battle-tested and in production, just white label the existing solution and launch it. 

Our system is evolving modular and flexible enough to accommodate different business models. So any type of platform business model is possible with TradlyPlatform. 

3 reasons why TradlyPlatform Native App Solutions. 

  1. No-code: We are not an App Builder where you need to spend time building something from scratch or learn things on how to build. we provide everything what a platform should have. So you just need to configure branding details and launch it. 
  2. Open to new feature request: We have dozens of building blocks that are pre-built (You just need to activate or deactivate) When it’s not available, we listen to clients feedback and add into our roadmaps
  3. Saving your time and efforts: Our workflows are pre-configured and so you don’t need to think about it or make mistakes in launch. Completely saving your time and efforts. Hence you can focus on growing your platform. 

How it works? 

Here is a flow of what you will need to get your app ready to launch. 

Low code platform
For Business users who prefer no code with small changes in design
For developers (and their companies) who want a unique design and drastic customization

Taking 3 Feature blocks to explain how it works

User Registrations: 

We have 3 types of registrations as of now and integration more in roadmap like social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Apple, etc.

  1. Email 
  2. SMS based OTP for registration and reset password 
  3. SMS based OTP for every time you login

Whichever you prefer, you just need to select while you onboard wizard or in the SuperAdmin settings. 

User Onboarding and Listing Submission

Whether you are running a product marketplace, an edutech marketplace, or a property marketplace, you can activate existing fields or create custom attribute fields for the information you want to collect. 

Local DirectoryFashion MarketplaceGrocery Marketplace
– Business Name, Phone Number, Address– Size, Color, Material, Design Pattern, etc– Packaging, Weight, Health Certifications, 


You may want accurate information or approximate information. You may location on account level when user signup or listing level when user list or in checkout/shipping place, etc. Whichever the ways, you just need to activate or deactivate because these things are pre-built

  • Google Maps Places Integrations
  • Open Street Maps 
  • Native Apple Map 


We have natively integrated the world’s biggest payment providers plus local payment providers. If we don’t have what you prefer, we do custom development. Activate any one from the list based on your country. Signup your account with them and add the API keys in our SuperAdmin panel. 

  • Stripe payments for b2c models
  • Stripe subscriptions for recurring business 
  • Stripe connect for marketplace 
  • Paydunya for payments and subscription in African countries 
  • PayU for B2C in Latin america countries