Best alternative to Bettyblocks for Marketplace and Commerce Apps

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Bettyblocks are costly. Bettyblocks may not be perfect for everyone. The best alternative for BettyBlocks is here. We have a simple toggle based builder to launch your marketplace, two sided platforms and commerce apps. It’s simple, you don’t need to do any logic, draw layouts, setup workflow, automate or write a single line of code. Check out Tradly Platform

Launching marketplace and commerce mobile apps is simple. All the functionalities are already there. You just need to activate or deactivate the functionality based on your preference. Pure no code platform and a no brainer platform to launch your apps.

  • Go to Tradly, register a free sandbox account and open SuperAdmin Panel.
  • Change your branding and assets under Settings > Mobile App Config
  • Configure what functions you need and don’t need using TOGGLE based UI on settings
  • Change the system strings wherever needed
  • Under Native integrations to enter your payments , chats, map, etc API keys
  • Download Tradly Platform test apps to see how your app going to look
  • When you are ready to publish your whitelabel apps, subscribe on a plan and request your app build.
  • Get it and launch it!

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